Fighting Dystonia, Chronic Lyme Disease & EDS Type 3… any questions?

Happy New Year

I would like to start by wishing everyone a slightly late Happy New Year. In regards to my health I have had a fabulous start to the New Year. Last New Years Day I spent in hospital having hours of seizures, this year I spent it recovering from the night before and watching a dvd with one of my best friends! I find it hard to believe how much difference a year can make.

On Monday I am visiting my GP to discuss my ongoing treatment for chronic neurological Lyme Disease. I have been on oral antibiotics for about 8 months now, but have yet to receive IV treatment which is what I need. The response my body has had to the antibiotics has been fantastic, so I can only imagine what my body will be like when I am cured of Lyme. My GP has told us before that the district nurses do not come out to administer IV in our area, which makes receiving treatment slightly problematic. I plan on asking my GP if there is anywhere he knows of that will treat me, even if I have to go privately. My health matters more to me than my money, as it is only by being cured of Lyme Disease and getting my Dystonia under control that I will get back to university.

I am extremely excited for the 28th of this month, when I next go to see my neurologist. At this appointment I will be receiving my normal Botox injections plus injections to my leg. The spasms in my leg are the most debilitating, so I am hopeful that the injections will improve this. The injections I receive regularly have such a fantastic effect and keep the affected areas working so well, which makes me hopeful for a positive response in my leg.

I would love to hear from anyone who has had experience with Botox Injections to their foot/leg, so please get in touch if you have these!


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