Fighting Dystonia, Chronic Lyme, EDS Type 2 & more… any questions?

As many of you will know, around a month ago I attempted to cut all stimulants out of my diet to see if it would have any impact on my tremors. Over the last week I have slowly introduced stimulants in low quantity’s back into my diet to see if there would be a noticeable difference in my body.

The results from my little experiment were extremely interesting. Whilst cutting out the stimulants did not stop my tremors it reduced them greatly, I would say it almost halved the number of tremors I have in a day. When I reintroduced the stimulants back into my diet this week, the number of tremors I have been having shot back up! I was careful to only consume a small quantity of stimulants just in-case it caused an increase, I did not expect this small amount to have such a big impact!

It is interesting to know that stimulants do actually have a physical impact on my Dystonia. Now that I know just how much of an impact it has on my symptoms I am going to make sure that I avoid stimulants as much as possible.

I find knowing that it impacts me to be a comforting thought, as it means that by avoiding consuming stimulants as much as possible, then to a degree, I have control over the severity and frequency of my tremors. It gives me hope that there are natural ways to control and treat this condition along side medication.

I am going to do more research into foods that can impact Dystonia to see if I can find anything else that I may benefit from cutting out of my diet.



Comments on: "Stimulant Experiment Results" (8)

  1. That’s rather interesting, I did it a while back using herbal teas but made no difference at all. We can only continue doing our wn research on our own bodies I guess :/ x

  2. Joan Baller said:

    My mother has generalized Dystonia and she has discovered that avoiding caffeine has help her a great deal, also avoiding brocoli and cauliflower… I’ll ask her for more details and I will get back to you.

  3. I guess I’m different. I drink about 30 oz of coffee per day. I also eat chocolate every day. There are far too many “can’t (s) and don’t (s) in my life. I smoke (about 5 cigarettes a day), drink coffee and eat about 2-3 oz of Chocolate per day. I would be totally miserable without my “endorphins”. I don’t drive. I have already given up too many things for this horrid condition. When I had quit smoking and eliminated caffine; there was very little difference.

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  7. René Bolton said:

    Thank you for sharing this! I, too, have noticed this with my Dystonia! I try to avoid stimulants…no caffeine. You are a smart young lady!

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