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Disgusting Medical Care

I am seriously fed up with and disgusted by the treatment I receive from the medical profession! Even my GP, who is usually in my good books, has appalled me. Since 2:45pm yesterday afternoon my jaw has been clamped shut and deviated. I cannot eat, drink or even take my medication and have not done so since that time yesterday! We asked my GP to do a home visit, and after feeling my pulse and stomach he left. He claimed that he was sure my jaw would go back eventually and that he did not know what to suggest.

I know that eventually my jaw will go back. Eventually being the key word. We do not know how long it will take for my jaw to EVENTUALLY go back. I have not had a drink of water or taken any medication in almost 27 hours now. How long do they expect me to go without fluid or medication? Surly the logical thing to do is to admit me into hospital put an IV and administer me fluids, my meds and muscle relaxants/pain relief???

I do not understand why I should have to accept and put up with such disgusting treatment! I am disgusted and highly irritated!


Comments on: "Disgusting Medical Care" (3)

  1. Kayetie Pearson said:

    I am so sorry to hear your going through so much distress. I don’t know much of your condition, but you should not be suffering as you are .My prayers are with you. Keep me posted how you come on, your a strong young woman, you’ll get through this with dignity and pride, head held high.I hope things get better soon x

  2. There seems to be such little compassion for neurological disorders, is it that the Drs are scared of us??? I am at a loss, and I despair at the shoddy treatment we receive. A Dr saying they don’t know the answer, or what to do, does not help us as patients! So sorry that you went through this hun, as you know I posted on Facebook at the time but it still infuriates me now! 😦

  3. Je suis aussi exactement dans la même situation et ce fut un soulagement de trouver quelqu’un avec des expériences similaires.

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