Fighting Dystonia, Chronic Lyme Disease & EDS Type 3… any questions?

Emergency Hospital Trip

Yesterday  was an extremely odd day. To be honest I remember  nothing of it! Apparently as I was mixing up my medicine in the kitchen, I collapsed and fell on to our tiled floor and then went on to have a hell of a lot of Non Epileptic Seizures along with extreme Jaw spasms, with mere seconds of consciousness between each one. Due to the fact I really hit my head and arm hard when I collapsed, I was rushed off to hospital in an ambulance. Whilst at the hospital I was monitored for hours and had my hip x-rayed (thank-fully I had not broken it). It was while we were at the hospital that my mother noticed that I was also having Non Epileptic seizures which weren’t taking on their usual form. I was staring blankly, and not responding when my mum spoke to me or when she waved her hands in front of my face. This is slightly concerning as it means that I may be having more Non Epileptic Seizure than we are aware of.

Today I have woken up feeling like I have been run over repeatedly by a truck. I am therefore spending the day medicated to the max, and in bed. The thought of moving is not one I welcome. This incident has given me yet another issue to talk to my consultant about as it is getting beyond ridiculous now.On the bright side of things, whilst my Jaw Dystonia is still playing up, it is not to bad today, which is a relief.


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  1. Rebecca, I guess when it rains, it pours! Please know that I’m thinking about you. I give you tremendous credit for finding the energy and spirit to make that post, you are a remarkable person. -Pamela-

    • Thank you Pamela, I find posting very therapeutic lol, plus I want people to know about these conditions and if this helps spread awareness then I shall post about every aspect of it. xx

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