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Dystonia Alien Plays Games

Tonight the dystonia alien decided to show me what else it could do with my hand. Normally when my spasms last for a long period of time we end up trying to force them to release. However this particular spasm seemed to be determined to stay for as long as it wanted. Every-time we thought we had managed to release it, it decided to return. In the end we gave up, and decided to let the dystonia alien have its fun. The theory was that if we let it run its course, then perhaps the time in-between the spasm finishing and then returning would be longer. As I am writing this, it is still in spasm. If the muscles and tendons in my hand had the ability to scream, right now they would be.

The image shows the Dystonia aliens latest spasm game…


Comments on: "Dystonia Alien Plays Games" (3)

  1. If it helps, one of the things I have learned about dystonia spasms is to let them run their course. If you fight back, they just fight harder until you give in. I try to make jokes to make it less stressful. Hope this helps!

  2. michael smith said:

    your blog is amazing. I’ve only just been diagnised this last year with focal dystonia and in the last 6 months, my little “alien” has been kicking it into high gear. I hope you are making some headway. It’s great to read about someone who understands exactly how little control you can have over your body.

    All the best.

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