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Who is in control?

One normally feels in control of their body, if they want to pick up a pencil or smile they can do see without a second thought. So who is in control of mine?

In July I lost control of my mouth, then in august I lost control of my eyes, and now in September I have lost control of  the majority of my face, my right arm and hand. So who is in control?

Dystonia is a neurological condition so therefore it is the basal ganglia that is in control of me, or at least that is what the medical profession say. Personally I have an image of a tiny little alien bouncing around inside my brain with a wicked grin on its face, cackling away to itself whilst deciding what part of my body is going to do what today.

So little alien if you can hear me, as much as I can understand that what you are doing in there must be a hell of a lot of fun, could you give me an hours break? Just so my muscles can relax.



Comments on: "Who is in control?" (2)

  1. Well put. I’ve had generalized dystonia for 40 years so I know your feelings. I remember being a 19 year old student with this disorder and I hardly possessed the poise and self-confidence to blog about my experience, you have my utmost esteem. I invite you to check out my blog post “Who’s In Control,” posing the same question and speaking to the universality of our experience:

  2. Thank-you! I really enjoyed reading your post. Nice to read a post from someone with the same disorder 🙂 xxx

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